Selasa, 07 Juli 2009

Licence of Copyrights

Copyrights is exclusive rights to receiver or creator the right to announce or multiply its creation or allow for that without lessening demarcations according to law and regulation.

Creator is a or some people by together which of its inspiration bear a creation pursuant to ability of mind, imagine, handiness, poured membership or skill in the form of typical and have the character of person.

Right owner create is creator as owner of copyrights, or the abandonee side of creator, or other party accepting furthermore belonging of sides.

License is permit given by right owner create or related right owner to other party to announce and/or multiply its creation or related rights product of him with certain conditions.

Linsensi can in form of agreement agreed on by creator or receiver of rights with perpetrator (actor, singer, musician, dancer, and others), voice record produser, and broadcasting institute.