Sabtu, 20 Juni 2009

Islamic Law

Concept refert to a state which al-Qur'an, Sunnah and human reason work together and together constitute the Islamic. The nomocracy Islam can be characterized of principles. These principles are are mentioned in the Koran. The character of the Islamic state and called it a "theocracy". In Islam equality is prominent. That's "nomocracy" is a far better name, wherein the power is held by the law which comes from Allah. Nomocracy Islam as rule of Islamic Law.

In the Indonesian history, Muslims have often felt subordinated by the old artistocracies who were only superficially Muslim. Devout Muslims therefore regarded the Rule of Law and especially its emphasis on social equality as a corrective continuiting influence of hierarchy and privilege of former and current elites.

Presently, and also abroad, moderate Islamic Indonesian intellectuals appear to play a wholesome and guinding role in politic and particularly in the discussion on the future of Indonesian rule of law.